Korcula Blato Vela Luka

Blato-> 6 km      
Blato KorculaThe historical place with an interesting old centre dated before XIV century where many cultural events take place specially during the summer. Perfect destination to visit and watch the old sword dances or find some other entertainment (popular or folk music concerts and discotheques)

Vela Luka->6 km
Vela LukaVela Luka is a port but also the well known tourist place. Interesting position at the end of the island surrounded with many nice bays makes it special. Take a restful evening walk or visit some good restaurant, coffee bar or discotheque in Vela Luka.

Korcula-> 40 km
KorculaThe town encircled by a city walls and towers. Churches, public buildings, squares, streets, everything valuable to take look how architectural masters from Middle ages to Renaissance express themselves in a stone.

Adresses and contact

Ivo Anic
20271 Blato
Tel: +385 (0)20 851 909
Mob: +385 (0)91 888 9946



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